Howdy, I am Santosh Unecha and I welcome you to an amazing journey on just wheels! Pune to Pune..via India brings you stories of motorbike trips across India and info about some great places around. This is a non-commercial website intended to share the joy, fun, thrill and experiences of my motorbike trips. Come and enjoy a virtual ride with me! Thousands of miles, hundreds of destinations and just two wheels!!

Pune To Pune..via Hampi – Karnataka (2008)

A monsoon ride to Hampi.. a forgotten empire..a myth..the largest living group of monuments..the World Heritage Site! Even after visiting Hampi for 3 times, I am sure I will be there again and again. Enchanting, mighty, rich and traditional.. Ruins of Hampi always call.. Best in my list, best of my choice.. Hampi!

Siddheshwar Lake – Solapur – Maharashtra

Siddheshwar Lake – the best attraction of Solapur town. Accompanied by Bhuikot Fort on the left side and Shri Siddheshwar Temple in the middle of it, the lake presents blend of royal history and spirituality.

Daulat Mangal Fort – Pune – Maharashtra

Blessed with Bhuleshwar’s presence, watch-fort of Daulat Mangal presents the forgotten glory oh the history, pains of invasions. Located 50 kms away from Pune, the place is perfect spot for a day out.

Conflicts of Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga

Baijnath of Himachal Pradesh, Vaijnath of Parli- Maharashtra, and Baidyanath of Deoghar Jharkhand claim to be the real Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga. Learn more.

Central Sikh Museum Golden Temple Amritsar

Central Sikh Museum is located in the vicinity of the great Golden Temple of Amritsar. As the name suggests, it holds amazing collections of paintings, scripts and historic belongings.

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