Baba Dhansar – a tiny prototype of the heaven


Tiny Prototype of the heaven – will not be an untrue statement for the unknown place.

Just 17 KMs away from the holy town of Mata Vaishno Devi – Katra, situated near Karua village in Reasi district of Jammu & Kashmir. Baba Dhansar temple is located at Karua Jheel (pond) among the green hills. Calm, clean and fresh surrounding make the place great attraction. Water dropping down in a pond continuously from the hill slope making the place evergreen.

Karua Jheel - the holy lake

Karua Jheel – the holy lake

Once you reach the parking area, you need climb down to the temple. Clean and neat campus add a beauty to the temple.  Baba Dhansar temple is on right side of the holy lake and a tiny cave of Lord Shiva other side.


Lord Shiva went to Amarnath to tell the story of immortality to his consort, Parvati. On the way, Shiva left his serpent Sheshnag, who is the king of serpents, at Anantnag. Sheshnag then emerged in human form as Vasudeo or Vasuki. One of his sons was Dhansar who was a virtuous person.When a demon was troubling people of Karuwa, Baba Dhansar prayed Lord Shiva and killed the demon.

There are hundreds of sacrificial stones with Snakes carved near the lake. Nag devata prayed here. Nag statues fill the color of mystery but really signs of the belief of locals.

Sacrificial Nag stones at Baba Dhansar

Sacrificial Nag stones at Baba Dhansar

Bathing is not allowed in the sacred lake. Like all other Shiva places, a large number of devotees visit the temple during Maha Shivaratri. Adding Baba Dhansar on your trip to Vaishno Devi will definitely a big win. Being near to Katra town, you can complete the visit merely in 3-4 hours.

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