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Maharashtra Trips at Majalgaon Dam

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Marathwada Trip 2014

Marathwada always featured as draught cursed land. I found it different on two wheels. Marathwada is cherishing it’s unique style of living, language and culture. It’s a land of lost opportunities, home of deities and poses Naygoan Sanctuary, Aundha Nagnath, Parli Vaijnath, Ambajogai, Tuljapur, Solapur and so on..

Maharashtra Trips Saptashrungi Gad - Vani

One of the shakti Peethas, Saptashrungi Devi resides on mountains of Satpura. Amazing saffron colored devi bless you with her divine kindness. Placed near Nashik, Saptashrung Gad of Vani and Gondeshwar Temple of Sinnar are unforgettable places.

South-India Trips Lakshmi Narasimha

A monsoon ride to Hampi.. a forgotten empire..a myth..the largest living group of monuments..the World Heritage Site! Even after visiting Hampi for 3 times, I am sure I will be there again and again. Enchanting, mighty, rich and traditional.. Ruins of Hampi always call.. Best in my list, best of my choice.. Hampi!

Maharashtra Trips Bhuleshwar-Temple-Pune

Bhuleshwar Temple on Daulat-Mangal fort! Just 50 kms away from Pune, one of the best place for a day-out. Located on the laps of the nature, surrounded by farms & forests, Bhuleshwar gives an extra-ordinary experience.

Maharashtra Trips Santosh at Ranjangaon Temple

Vidarbha.. a Shaapit Gandharva of Maharashtra! It’s beautiful, vibrant but surely neglected. Ranjangaon & Shegaon’s divinity, Lonar Crater Lake’s mystery & Sindkhed Raja’s majesty.. the trip got all fun !!