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Eternal Stream

Eternal Stream

The Gomukh temple is situated on the rim of the Lonar Crater Lake. In the one the Kunda (tank) in the temple, there is an eternal water stream. The water stream is called as ‘Dhar’ in Marathi hence the temple is also named as ‘Dhar Temple’ and the Kunda in which the stream is channelized is called as ‘Dhar Kunda’ which is assumed by devotees to be holy.

Sculptures in the temples within the crater depict the mythological stories about the formation of Lonar Lake. In Sanskrit, salt is called as ‘Lavan’ and demon as ‘Asur’. It is believed that a demon named Lavansur created trouble to mother earth. Earth appealed the Lord Vishnu to kill the demon. Incarnation of Lord Vishnu was in the form of child. He killed the demon with a little damage to earth and the demon died & went inside the earth. The salt lake formed on the spot, known as Lonar (Lavanar)

There are around 14 temples within the Lonar crater. Many of the temples are built in the Hemadpanti style but now have fallen into ruin.

Another temple on the rim of Lonar Lake

Another temple on the rim of Lonar Lake


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