Kamasutra at Daitya Sudan Temple – Lonar

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Chalukyan Art became world-famous for it’s erotic arts at Khajuraho. Kamasutra at Daitya Sudan Temple bears resemblance with Khajuraho sculptures to great extend. This asymmetrical star shaped temple posses many such erotic sculptures which displays beauty of Kamasutra in delightful way. One of the few examples of Kamasutra in Maharashtra.

Amazing part of the these sculptures is the expressions and imotions carved out of the stones. When a lover hugs his lovely princess from back side, the way she bends on his shoulder.. just an amazing detailing.

Generally, Lord Shiva temple’s poses Kamasutra sculptures. But I saw many Vishnu temples which are presenting delightful examples of such erotic art. Shamlaji temple of Gujarat, Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh and Daitya Sudan temple of Maharashtra are on the top of that chart.

I believe that Kamasutra’s presence in god’s temple shows the respect towards one of the important duties of the human. Sex gives birth! Also, temples used to be great place to spread the learning for those who were not literate.

It’s all about the view of the EYE watching it!!

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