Kamasutra at Shamlaji Temple – Gujarat

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Kamasutra at Shamlaji temple are ultimate samples of erotic arts in India. A mythical Kamasutra provides guide of making love as an important part of human life.

Kamasutra – Kama means sex and love + Sutra means equation or method

Why do most of the Indian temples have erotic sculptures? Temples were not only the abode of god but also an open school to provide knowledge. Sculptures are easy to understand even for an illiterate person through visuals. With the same reasons, Kamasutra was presented along with religious stories from great epics and Puranas.

Kamasutra at Shamlaji:

Kamasutra Bandoleer Position

Bandoleer Position

One of the most common and easiest position is Bandoleer. Female lies on her back with her knees up and man on top.

Kamasutra at Shamlaji Temple-Gujarat

Family Couple

A desperate husband making love to his wife from the back, while she is busy in making ready her child. Even if she is busy, she is bending a bit to assist her husband too. Smile on her face shows that she got no complains 🙂


Kamasutra at Shamlaji-Temple-Gujarat

Seducing Couples

Right side couple are doing ‘The Lustful Leg’ position where female lifts her leg on the shoulder of the male. Left side is playing the game of seduction. He holds her and she touches his.

Kamasutra Couples

Kamasutra Couples

Standing positions of Kamasutra – from the back and fron the front.

Kamasutra - Doggy Style

Kamasutra – Doggy Style

One of the famous position of Kamasutra is Doggy Style, another form of doing it from the back. Female bends perfectly touching the ground with the hand. Another lady helping her in the bending.

Shoulder Holder and The seduction

Shoulder Holder and The seduction


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