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Karni Mata temple is a famous hindu temple of Rajasthan. Most popular as Rat Temple of India.. the eighth miracle of the world!

The temple is located at Deshnok which is just 30 kms from Bikaner. A small town became world famous with the goddesses presence and her unique temple. The temple is home for almost 20,000 rats, called as Kabbas. They are all over the temple. On goddess idol, on prasad, in every corner of the temple.

Karni Mata Temple of Rats

Karni Mata Temple of Rats

Karni Mata Temple Style

Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner built the temple in recent time. The temple got further renovated from time to time. Built in Mughal style of construction, the beautiful temple got grand entrance. Gates of the entrance are silver covered. Donations from devotees added further decoration to the temple.

Main Inner Temple of Karni Mata

Main Inner Temple of Karni Mata

Legends of the temple

Per one of the legend, Karni Mata’s step son, Lakshman, drowned in Kapil sarovar. Goddess opposed death god Yama from taking his life. Yama permitted Lakshman’s life along with all the sons of the Mata Karni in the form of rats.

Local folk tale talks about an army of 20,000 soldiers who came to Deshnok after deserting in the battle. Karni Mata spared their life in the form of rats. Soldiers accepted the blessing of the goddess after learning about the sin of desertion by them. They promised to serve the goddess in the form of rats.

There are very few white rats among the thousands of black ones. Sighting of the white rat is considered as auspicious and blessing of the goddess.

Rats enjoying Devi Prasada

Rats enjoying Devi Prasada

Deshnok temple provide good place to stay and eat. But it is suggested that Bikaner should be your point of halt with more options.

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Karni Mata temple on the map


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