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One get surprised with pleasant architecture of Lotus Mahal inside the Zenana (ladies) Enclosure in Hampi. As this small palace is placed within ladies area, it must be for women from Royal families. Mahal means palace in Indian language.

As the name suggests the Mahal is made in a shape of Lotus. The place is also known as Kamal Mahal and Chitrangani Mahal. The palace is built in brick mortar style which is not common in Hampi ruins. This two storey structure presents a good example of mixture of Hindu and Islamic style of architecture.

Beautiful corridors and big arches of the open base are attractive. One of the best place for photography in Hampi, The Mahal is well maintained. Lush green lawn around the place adds green effect to the pink building. Relaxing on the lawn is best enjoyed.

Lotus Mahal - Hampi

Lotus Mahal – Hampi

Lotus Mahal is situated near famous ‘Elephant’s Stable’. It is surrounded by various watch towers of Zenana Enclosure. The place is always busy with tourists and got amenities around.

Lotus Mahal at Zenana Enclosure on Map

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