Ramayana at Shamlaji Temple

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Ramayana at Shamlaji depicts the stories from the great saga. There are various carved panels talking about the scenes from Ramayana. I will present couple of examples here:

Marich Vadh

Ramayana - Marich Vadh

Ramayana – Marich Vadh

During Ravana’s planning to kidnap Sita, he used demon Marich as a distraction to drive Rama and Laxmana away from Sita. Marich took form of golden deer. Attracted by it’s beauty, Sita demanded the deer to Rama like a child. To fulfill her wish, Rama went after the deer keeping Laxmana behind to protect Sita. After a long chase, Rama could hunt down the deer with his spear and miraculously, the demon shouted in Rama’s voice calling Sita and Laxmana  before dieing. Worried Laxmana draw a divine Laxman Rekha for Sita’s protection and went after the voice to protect Rama… That’s the turning point of Ramayana! Ravana capturing Sita.

Sculpture at Shamlaji depicts the story of Rama killing demon Marich. The episode is know as Marich Vadh!


Seven Trees

Ramayana at Shamlaji

Ramayana – Seven Trees

Not so popular episode of Ramayana. During battle with Sugriva’s brother, Bali (also known as Vali or Valin), he hide behind seven saal trees. The trees were grown on the serpent and were bent in different direction. To get an aim, Rama put his feet on the tail of the snake which brought the serpent, ultimately the seven trees, in straight row. Rama shot his aim which pass through the seven trees and hit Bali.

In a carved panel at Shamlaji, we can see the episode in much details. Rama’s left leg on the serpent beneath the seven trees, arrow passing through the trees.. all is captured very well in a single scene.

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