Sculptures of Aundha Nagnath

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Sculptures of Aundha Nagnath temples are an archaeological proofs of glorious days of ancient India. The current temple dates back to 13th century and was constructed by the great Chalukyas. This hemadpanti style temple bears footprints of the Indian mythology in the form of beautifully carved sculptures.

Sculptures of Aundha Nagnath depicts Ramayana and Mahabharata along with stories from Puranas. Sculptures are always treated as the best books to understand our past. They reveal the way of living, way of clothing and other life styles of those times.

Kailasa lifting Ravana, Shiva convincing her beloved wife Parvati who is scultted and pouted, mighty Maha Yogis, Kamasutra, Matrikas, various gods and goddesses and gandharva – apsaras… the temple is full of stone-gems. In this article, I tried to illustrate the sculptures of Aundha Nagnath through categories as below:

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Borders and the base reliefs:

Sculptures of Aundha Nagnath

Sculptures of Aundha Nagnath

I would like to focus on one small carving which amazed me. In the left side image, you can see that three warriors are depicted. Amazing part is that these three warriors shares only four leg. If you hide two of them with your palms, you will see a complete body of one.

3D technology in stones is something very common in all the ancient arts. One with good observatory sight can find such miraculous carvings in the temples. One standing man and other two bended.. isn’t it nice to see. Though it is not the greatest sculpture, but is worth of your attention.

This art stone is placed on the right side wall of the temple.


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