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Lord Shamlaji

Lord Shamlaji

Shamlaji temple is one the best three Vishnu temples of Gujarat along with Dwaraka and Dakor. The three Vishnu dhams are prominent pilgrimage centers of the state and the country. Shamlaji temple is always been place of choice for archaeologist and art lovers for its artistic beauty in architecture and sculptures. Placed within the Aravali mountain range and accompanied by Shyam sarovar of holy Meshvo river, the temple site is perfect location for nature’s beauty. The temple sites perfect ending of Gujarat and the start of royal Rajasthan as it is located on the border of Mewar.

Kaliyo Dev (कालियो देव) – the dark deity, Gadadhar (गधाधर) – the holder of Gada, Dholi Dhwaja wala (धोली ध्वजावाला) – the deity with white flag, Sawalaji (सावलाजी), Shamsha Sheth (शम्शा शेठ)… known by many names, the lord Vishnu blessing the devotees from the ages here. Gada, Shankh and Chakra bearing black idol of Lord Vishnu reminds you about his incarnation, the Krishna. Krishna was dark and was holder of Chakra. The diamond on the chin of the god adds a touch of beauty to the black marble god, reminds me Srinathji of Nathdwara.

Shamlaji Temple Gujarat

Shamlaji Temple Gujarat

Giant elephants welcomes you on the mighty gate of the temple. Lord Vishnu sleeping on his bed Shesha Nag is sculpture on the canopy of the entrance. The entrance leads you to the seven layered temple with thirteen steps of Sawaliya Dev. Sabha Mandap, Antaral and Garbha gruha.. the temple is a good example of hindu temple style. Garuda in Anjali mudra is another attraction in the temple after Lord Vishnu idol.

Generously carved sculptures are of the real beauty. Gods, goddesses, humans, animals, nature.. a pleasant art work presents the pictures of beliefs and lifestyle of those timelines. Ramayana, Mahabharata and various stories from Puranas are depicted on the walls. Best attraction among the sculptures is Ashta Matrikas. Ashta Matrikas of Shamlaji temple are always been subject matter for many historians and archaeologists.

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