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Shrinathji temple of Nathdwara is rather mansion of the Lord Krushna. Popularly known as Shrinathji ki haveli, the temple has unique features and way of worshipping the god. Shrinathji is treated as Thakorji or Shethji of the haveli and is been served rather than worshipped.

Shrinathji Nathdwara

Shrinathji Nathdwara

Carved in a black marble, Lord Krishna reminds me of Lord Shamlaji of Gujarat. The diamond on the chin of the lord shines bright o dark color. Shrinathji idol is in the form of Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhan hill with his left hand and his right hand resting on his waist.

With the lord’s image two cows, a lion, a snake, a parrot and two peacocks are carved on the idol along with three sages. Divine eyes, chubby cheeks and shining diamond beneath the lower lip makes an amazing gaze of the god.

The beautiful idol of the god gave birth to Nathdwara Paintings.. an art dedicated to the god. When devotees have darshan, you can see happy tears in their eyes with chanting of god’s name. Unique.. just unique!

Shrinathji temple, the haveli of the god has many sections like kitchen, store rooms, study and office where lord Shrinathji wanders and represents himself in the form of Thakurji. The haveli is called as Moti Mahal or Nandalay.

Moti Mahal - Nathdwara Temple

Moti Mahal – Nathdwara Temple

Nathdwara’s lifestyle and economy runs around the haveli. One can enjoy delicious and famous sweets of the town. There are ample of dharamshalas which are nice and offers stays at nominal fees along with many good hotels as well. The temple is great or must addition to Udaipur circuit trip.

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