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JijamataSindkhed Raja, a Taluka place, is situated on Nagpur-Jalna road near Lonar. Reach in the history, the town is famous for Lakhuji Jadhav’s palace which is a birthplace of Rashtra Mata Jijabai. A great woman who gave birth to Maharashtra’s destiny writer and great Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. A town is also respected as ‘Matru-Tirtha’, thirtha of the mother. Lakhuji Jadhav was Jijamata’s father.


Lakhuji Jadhav’s Palace

Lakhuji Jadhav's Palace

Lakhuji Jadhav’s Palace

A main attraction here is obviously Jijabai’s birth place. The palace has grand entrance with typical wooden doors which can be seen many other forts and palaces in Maharashtra. Above the mighty doors, Nagarkhana or Bari (a drum chamber) is created. Palace wall needs immediate care for sure.

Small but beautiful garden is now developed outside the palace which do have standing statue of Jijamata along with a sign board which provides information about the palace.

Once entered in the gate, you see a small wonderful museum in the hall. The museum has various archaeological art pieces which dates back to Chalukyan period. The region was ruled by Chalukyas and carries many examples of their art and power like Daitya Sudan Temple at Lonar.

A small room at the right corner is place of respect, a place of Jijamata’s birth. Jijamata’s statue with her son child Shivaji is nice and placed at her birth place. This statue is worshipped by villagers. There are several underground chambers and ruins of damaged palaces can be seen within the campus.

A Story of Stolen Canon

News of stolen canon in Punyanagari news paper

Punyanagari news paper

A museum at entrance displays around 85 kgs Canon which is made up with 5 different metals (panch-dhatus). The canon dates back to 16th century and posses great historic significance.

The canon was stolen on 24th Dec 2014 but successfully acquired back on 26th Dec 2014 by local Police. This shameful act was done by local guys only. The news of the robbery had created pain across Maharashtra.

In summary – all ancient & historic footmarks need care and security at earliest!!

Jijau Srushti

Next big attraction of Sindkhed Raja is ‘Jijau Srushti’ which recently developed and is a memorial dedicated to Rashtra Mata Jijabai.

Rajmata Jijabai

Rajmata Jijabai

The entrance of the place itself is too attractive with grand and colorful statue of Jijabai. This place is now renowned tourist place and visited by many. In front of the Jijau Srushti, a mighty and standing statue of Jijamata is placed in an open ground. With Sahyadri mountain range in the background, Jijamata, having a sword in one hand and blessings in other, looks more aggressive and kind as well. One will surely get amazed with details of the statue and the surrounding. Great place to spend at least couple of hours.

Other Attractions

Moti Talav (Lake) : Surrounded by mango trees, Moti talav is situated on Jalna-Sindkhed Raja road.

Ranga Mahal : Situated on the west of Sindkhed-Raja, the palace is famous for its wooden carved pillars.

Lakhuji's Tomb

Lakhuji’s Tomb

Lakhuji Jadhav’s Samadhi (tomb) : This dome style structure also do have Shiva Linga placed. The construction of the temple is mainly in bricks and posses inscrtiptions, sculptures around. (image credit :

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