Pune to Pune..via Karnataka & Goa (2006)


Goa & Amboli Chapter

Karnataka_2006_33917th Oct 06: Goa: And..here it was..! Go..Go..Goa!! Paradise! Yes..the advertisement board which welcomed us was perfect match to the fun Goa carries 🙂

The day had been so long till now. We kept going on. Finally, around 4 am in the morning, we reached Panjim. The capital city was sleeping quietly. And it gave us one crazy moment to remember:

“On main road of Panjim, we saw a tiny bus-stand, nicely covered and clean! Poor tired Santosh & Shailesh found a perfect place to relax. Thought we will have a sleep for an hour and then can continue. We did! Around 7.30 am, my eyes opened, the scene I saw was just crazy. That bus-stand was over crowded, the quiet road was running heavy with traffic and we two crazy guys were sleeping like heaven. Our bike was in front of the stand and was causing lot of troubles. I was silent and shocked for a while, I kicked Shailya. We just smiled at each other first and then at people watching us like anything. The way we sat and ran our bike..ohhh! We were laughing for hours 🙂 ”

Actually, we hadn’t spent much time at any spot unless we stopped for food and break. Our target was to reach Pune by tonight.

Mae De Deus Church in Saligao

Mae De Deus Church in Saligao

Goa, definitely one the best place to enjoy, to relax and to rejuvenate! It was a peaceful experience to visit a famous church in the morning time. ‘Mae De Deus Church in Saligao’ village. Calm..peaceful place it is!

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It was a cool time at beach, enjoying drinks (ooops..only soft drinks)!

We crossed entire Goa state in vertical way withing 7 hours. B..Bye..Goa!!

Lake at Sawantwadi

Lake at Sawantwadi

Now we had to cross Sahyadri mountain range on our way back. In the afternoon, we had nice Rajsthani lunch at Sawantwadi at the same place where I and Sumedh had stay during our Goa Trip. Sawantwadi is nice old town with beautiful lake in the middle of mail marketplace. Unique thing about this town is ‘Wooden Toys’. You will see lot many toy shops with colorful wooden made toys…wooden car, wooden doll and lot more..! We bought couple of them.

Satisfied stomachs, sleepless night drive and sunny afternoon in Konkan compelled us to have a well deserved sleep in the nature’s bed. Shailesh was slept almost for 2 hours. Wow..now we felt re-energized. Atmosphere of those western ghats was word-less. Cool climate and scenic greenery. We were happy!!

well earned break Konkan

Amboli Waterfall

Amboli Waterfall

Amboli: Unplanned, we reached one of the most natural hill station in western ghats-Amboli. It is best for it’s simplicity and god gift of beauty.

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So sad that we couldn’t spent more time in Amboli as sunset was approaching. One will definitely like to get out of ghat region and jungles before it goes dark. Still we managed to roam around the town and various must watch spots. We ate lot of local fruits available in town market.



Finally, we entered home state around 7 pm. It’s always nice to get back to home. Maharashtra welcomed us warmly! Now it was all about having breaks and running the bike! I couldn’t stop myself from taking a nap on one of the dhaba. My bike always played role of perfect bed during my mad trips.

Sleeping on Bike Welcome to Maharashtra

We reached safely, happily with lot of memories, smiles and snaps too 🙂


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