About PuneToPune.com

I started PuneToPune.com as a travel blog but now it is in the process of becoming an informative website about amazing places, art & culture of India.

Why Pune To Pune? – Well..  Pune is my home town which is a small-mighty city of Maharashtra in India of Asia on the earth!! My trips start from Pune and end at Pune!

My travel-blog writing started at blogger.com with a sub-domain as ‘punetopune.blogspot.com’. I decided to expand and developed my own website. Yeh!! I developed this site, logo and anything you see around 🙂

What & why are advertisements appearing on this site? – PuneToPune.com is free to use for its visitors. Enjoy the pictures (refer copyright section), information and all the fun of rides. Happy to Share!

However, I need to pay bills to maintain this site..domain, hosting etc. etc. Advertisement is just a small try to get refund of my expenses on the web. I am earning enough in my job 🙂

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