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'Disclaimer' - a statement that denies something, especially responsibility.

Well..that’s a dictionary meaning of the word ‘Disclaimer’. I got no such intentions of avoiding a responsibility. This section is to clarify the fact that I am not a professional or certified Historian / Travel Adviser or Agency and s0 on..!

Views expressed about the place, monument, history, myths or religion

All views expressed are my personal view and do not represent any organisation, religion or government. All these views expressed in my trip stories, informations or comments are based upon ‘what I experienced’ and ‘what I felt’. You may ignore if you don’t like my views. In today’s world of Social Media and WWW, I respect my self as a netizen and take pride in sharing the information. Saying that I, definitely, take care about my words. I never meant to upset anyone (anyone includes person, region, religion and even animals), to hurt sentiments, to disrespect beliefs.

‘I am an Indian’ – Though I am a Hindu by religion, I am a ‘Rajasthani’ by region, I am an accountant by profession; I am just an Indian during my trips. I offer my prayers at Hindu Temples & Samadhis, Muslim Dargah & Masjids, Christian churches & memorials, Sikh Gurudwaras and all those holy places with the presence of divine spirit. Saffron, Green, Red, White or Blue.. I love all colors 🙂

I enjoy the variety & speciality of all states, whether it is Dosa of South-India or Paratha of North-India, I love them.

Information of the places (History / Mythology / Geography / Weather / Connectivity / Stay & Food etc.)

As you know, I am not a Historian or religion expert. So I refer various informative websites, books, newspapers along with folk tales. I always provide the reference to the information source.

All the information provided about the places is primarily based upon my experiences and on research (mainly on Google :-)) I do. Intention of such information is to help you in understanding about the place. I do recommend to check further before deciding your trips.

Advertisements and Third Party Links

I do neither endorse nor take responsibility for the advertisements and third party links presented on this site, except for; it’s my brother’s venture in Pune. I provided references to the third party sites & materials for information source & further details purpose only. I do not believe in copyright infringements or stealing other’s information or media including pictures. All such referenced work has been properly cited with credits. If you feel, it’s missing somewhere on the site, please do contact via contact forms to make me aware of the mistake, if any.

Having long trips on motor-bike, night drivings.. all these require patience and strong spine with metal seat (let me avoid any word ending with SS) 🙂 It’s my passion!

Please do not go far on your motor-bike unless you are sure about your capabilities and are good observer of traffic rules.

Wear helmet, do not over-speed, don’t try stunts on roads and do follow all sign boards & rules during your trips!

Be safe! Enjoy your trips!