Amar Mahal (Palace) of Jammu


Amar extraordinary royal piece of French architecture. Also known as Amar Palace is now converted in a museum. View of Jammu town looks amazing from the palace which is situated on the Shivalik hill slope and on the bank of Tawi river. The museum is a popular as a tourist attraction with it’s large collection of portraits of royal families, Pahari ani Kangra miniature paintings and various valuable royal belongings. The collection includes 120kg golden throne as well.

Amar Mahal was built during nineteenth century by Raja Amar singh and became last official residence of Dogra dynasty. The palace was built y a French architect on the line of French chateau. Dr. Karan singh donated the palace to Hari-Tara charitable trust which further became the museum.

In 1975, the museum was inaugurated by late prime minister Indira Gandhi. The red stone palace looks beautiful among the green trees. Special mention can be of those Dashavatara paintings which come under ‘Modern paintings’ category.

Jammu town is famous for it’s hospitality and it’s beauty. Jammu is also famous for many temples, forts and palaces but Amar Mahal remains special one.

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