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Bhuleshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is situated around 50 Kms away from Pune, near Yavat. The beautiful temple is within the fortifications of a watch-fort ‘Daulat-Mangal’, also called as ‘Mangalgarh’.



History & Mythology

Bhuleshwar Temple

Bhuleshwar Temple

Bhuleshwar temple has historical and mythological significance. On history front, the temple which is now a protected monument was built around 1230 A.D. by Yadava rulers. Though the main temple dates back to 8th century, rest of the temple campus was completed in 12th. It’s seems the temple built with the stones imported from other places as this black basalt stone is different from the brown basalt in the area. Temple faced invasion of muslims. Aurangzeb’s army destroyed the temple to mutilate the hinduism & hindu art. Later, the temple renovated during Chhatrapati Shivaji’s period. The ‘Gaimukha Buruj’ proves this fact. ‘Shahu Shree Brahmendra swami (Dhawadshikar)’ who was Guru of Peshwas, further renovated the temple in 18th century.


Myth says that Goddess Parvati danced here for Lord Shiva before they reached Kailash & got married. Temple is also popular about the folktale – when a bowl of sweets are offered to Shiva Linga, sweets disappear. Lord Bhuleshwar is worshipped widely in the region. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated here on large scale and fetches huge crowd of devotees.


Route, Food & Stay

On the way to Bhuleshwar

On the way to Bhuleshwar

Bhuleshwar is around 50 kms away from Pune and situated near Solapur Expressway. Just before ‘Yavat’ town, one need to take turn for the temple. After leaving the main highway, 8 kms village road with ghat section takes you to the temple. It is advised to carry your own food & water as there are no hotels around the temple. For food & stay, Yavat can be a place of option.

Sculptures & Art

Ganesha with Mouse, Vishnu with Garuda, Kartikeya with Peacock in female forms

Ganesha with Mouse, Vishnu with Garuda, Kartikeya with Peacock in female forms

Though most of the sculptures of the temple are destroyed by the invaders, the beauty of these stone arts still attractive and undamaged. Different types of ‘Pillar Lifting Gandharvas’, Lions Carving on the border of Pillars, Ashta Matrikas on walls, attractive Apsaras & Musicians and the temple corridor can be mentioned as best of the temple.

Ganesha in female form‘ can be treated as unique characteristic of Bhuleshwar Temple. ‘Ganeshayani’, ‘Ganeshwari’, ‘Lambodari’.. called by many names, Ganesha in female is a rare scene. A frame of Ganesha, Vishnu & Kartikeya in female form is amazing. All gods are seated in padmasana pose along with their mounts.

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