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Siddheshwar Lake Solapur

Siddheshwar Lake – the best attraction of Solapur town. Accompanied by Bhuikot Fort on the left side and Shri Siddheshwar Temple in the middle of it, the lake presents blend of royal history and spirituality.


Siddheshwar Temple of Solapur is abode of Lord Siddheshwar who represents both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Number one attraction of Solapur town, the temple is placed in the middle of Siddheshwar lake.

Bhuikot Fort Solapur

Bhuikot Fort or Solapur Fort is a landmark of Solapur town and footmark of Bahamani dynasty. The fort, the lake and Siddheshwar amazing mix!

sculptures of Aundha Nagnath_punetopune

Sculptures of Aundha Nagnath is a feast for mythology, archeology lovers. Hemadpanti style temple of Aundha Nagnath is great example of Chalukyan art.

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