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Vijayanagara (in present-day Karnataka) served as the capital of an immense empire from its foundation in C. 1350 to its destruction in 1565. The Vijayanagara rulers consciously promoted religion and culture, thereby incorporating into their capital a large variety of cults and religious traditions, not only Hindu but also Jaina and Islamic.
Vijayanagara architecture can be broadly classified into religious, courtly and civic architecture, as can the associated sculptures and paintings. The Vijayanagara style is a combination of the Chalukya, Hoysala, Pandya and Chola styles which evolved earlier in the centuries when these empires ruled and is characterised by a return to the simplistic and serene art of the past.

Vitthala Temple of Hampi…A beautiful poetry! Where every stone pillar sing a legend of golden age, a temple without the God bless you with it’s immortal presence..!

Pattabhirama Temple - Hampi

Pattabhirama Temple of Hampi is unknown saga. Located off the tourist trail, large temple complex notable for its size and completeness with amazing gopuram.

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