Hutatma Chowk – Solapur – Maharashtra


Hutatma is a salutation given to those brave freedom fighters who gifted their lives for the freedom of the country ..India. These brave unsung heroes fought with British government to free their motherland.

4 brave hutatmas of Solapur are remembered in the form of the monument in the heart of the city, at a busy junction / square (chowk) named after them as Hutatma Chowk. Shri. Mallappa Dhanshetti,  Shri. Kurban Hussain, Shri.Jagnnath Shinde and Shri.Kisan Sarda… four mad fighters, all from different religions & casts. They fought together for the freedom of their motherland.

The four famous hutatmas were charged for the killing of 2 policemen of Mangal Police Station during one of the strongest protest against the British in April 1930. The brave freedom fighters were hanged till death on 12th January 1931 in the prison of Pune.



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