I am Santosh Unecha


Santosh UnechaSantosh Unecha welcomes you to the world on two wheels!

I am neither a professional rider nor a professional writer 🙂 But I do ride and write, the way I feel happy! Motor-bike riding became my passion with my first ride itself. Speed thrills me..!

I am also mad at stone-art (they call it sculptures). May be, my curiosity about mythology and search of real meanings are causing me to read, visit, explore such places where ancient foot-marks meet with divine spirits… I have been to many countries across the world like USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and so on.. Trust me – India is uniquely beautiful and full of amazing places.

Soon, my passion met with my madness and flown me out. I have been to number of states, places in India on motor-bikes. Thought, I could share my journeys, those experiences, those joys, those thrills, those difficulties with you all.

India on Two Wheels‘ will give an enchanting feel of those adventures and fun I had on two wheels! I am also making an attempt to provide more details about the places mentioned in my trips under ‘Incredible India‘ section. Hope this will help those who are planning to see or trying to know more about the places.

I ride my dreams!! Wish you a happy virtual ride on two wheels 🙂

Regards – Santosh Unecha