Kuduregombe Mantapa – Hampi – Karnataka

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Kuduregombe Mantapa is located right on the way to world famous Vitthala Temple of Hampi. The temple with stone-chariot.

Simple but attractive, this Mantapa (hall) attracts tourists. Amazingly sculptured pillars of the place is the main attraction. Horses, Lions are carved on the pillars. Looking at the location of the hall, we ca determine it’s purpose. It was not just a waiting hall or relaxation point, but was an important place, may be Yadna Mantapa. It may had been used for some important rituals during festivals at Vitthal Mtemple.

Kunduregombe Mantapa Tour Information

Since the Mantapa is placed on the way to Vitthala Temple, it can be added attraction point of the main tour. Simple Mantapa hardly takes 30 minutes to explore if you don’t want to relax here.


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