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Ajmer to Ganganagar Motorbike Trip

Rajasthan Chapter II – Summary

Destinations: Ajmer Dargah > Pushkar Lake > Brahma Temple – Pushkar > Merta City > Nagaur > Karni Mata Temple – Deshnok > Junagarh Fort – Bikaner > Ganganagar

Period: 5th March to 6th March 2014


Day 4: 5th March 2014

Even after watching a funtabulous (??) movie all night, we woke up around 7.30 am and rushed towards the Dargah. To our surprise, we were halted in a lodge which is deep into the maze type lanes of Ajmer which we never realized in the dark night. Amazing hawelis, typical Rajasthani structures with a blend of Muslim style… lanes of Ajmer are crazy but beautiful.

Ajmer through its Lanes

Ajmer through its Lanes

Successfully crossing the maze, we reached in front of the world famous Dargah Sharif, a sufi dargah of saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti! It is a busy lane always. Decorated with various colorful shop on the both sides, it is a whole new world and one of the best example of Hindu-Muslim unity for sure.

We bought a chaddar of red roses and jasmine and also got some typical offerings including agarbattis etc. It was an amazing experience. Qawwali as a background sound, atmosphere filled with jasmine & rose smell and hands raised in the respect of the spirit!! After offering our prayer in Hindu style at a Muslim Dargah, we joined the Qawwali.. “मेरे ख्वाजा ने बुलाया..ये करम नही तो क्या है!!” I still remember the words of one the amazing live qawwali we enjoyed.

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We packed and got ready for our next destination. Two naughty kids (just like my Kiddos) were toying with my bike. Normally, I would hate that but was enjoying this time. Alam and Aslam became new friends. While passing through tiny lanes, we were stunningly observing the lifestyle of Ajmer people.

While crossing the ghat road outside Ajmer town, we could see a panoramic view of the town with the great Taragarh fort in the background. Soon we entered the holy Nagari / town of Pushkar which is just 48 kms away. Mahatma Gandhi ji welcomed us in the town.. anyways, Gandhi ji is just an idol or image now a days. Forget about political parties, even common man is forgetting the legends behind the dark curtains of misguidance. Oops! Let me get back on the road 🙂

Pushkar Street Market is kind of amazing and colorful. Way between the Brahma temple and the holy Pushkar Lake is decorated with wonderful shops, eateries. Most amazing part is the shops displaying swords, daggers, axes and all sort of metal weaponry with unbelievable artifacts. Well.. a wonderful Rajasthani Thali added a flavour to the fun.

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Pushkar is one of the holiest tirtha and city for Hindus. Brahma temple of the holy town Pushkar is said to be the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the world. Apart from Pushkar Lake and unique Lord Brahma temple, the town is world famous for its Camel Mela attracting thousands of foreign tourists.

After having deep at holy Pushkar Lake, we had darshan of Lord Brahma. One can see many sadhus, sages and foreigners around.

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at Pushkar Lake

at Pushkar Lake

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Amazing Qawali at Dargah, divine touch of the lake and satisfying darshan of Lord Barham.. it was a perfect busy and full of variety morning. We marched towards the west. Highways was in either bad or under construction mode. We even had a shots of rain showers but we kept running without the stop. Until.. we saw a group of deers and blackbucks on the side farms of the road. Woooohhhh.. Near Merta City, those creatures were wandering like they were in human less jungle.

Blackbuck and Deers of Rajasthan

Blackbuck and Deers of Rajasthan

That little sight of deers added thrill to our dry journey. Appa was enjoying real Rajasthan.. hot, dry but colorful and diverse.

I was in real search for engine oil which I forgot to carry as a spare one. In the serah, we wandered Nagaur town. Base fort of Nagaur is still standing strong in the mid of the town. We could see many Pol (entrance gates) in and around the city. Highway from Nagaur towards Bikaner was disaster. One of the least used by civilians but mostly used by Indian Army. Desert was all over. Still remember the scene of the train passing right near us through the train in the desert. Luckily we had already passed afternoon heat and were driving around evening. Soon we reached our destination for the day..Deshnok!

It was almost 8.30 pm so we rushed to temple for darshan. We put all our belongings a photocopy shop with a faith. After taking our offerings, we moved inside the temple through a mighty entrance. I was observing Appa curiously as I knew that it’s gonna be big big shock for him 🙂 We entered into the “Rat temple of Karni Mata“.

Karni Mata Temple of Rats

Karni Mata Temple of Rats

“Oouch”..”Aahhhh”..”mummyyyyy”..”ohh my god”.. these were the only words coming out of almost everyone’s mouth who probably came for the first time. Rats and Rats.. everywhere Rats. It was their realm. I was trying to show myself as a strong man but was too cautious inside. Appa will never forget the darshan..he was literally shivering 🙂 Saffron colored Karni Mata was looking calm with her rat childs and so as her priests. This temple was rated as Eighth Miracle of the world by Discovery channel!

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Rats enjoying Devi Prasada

Rats enjoying Devi Prasada

After such amazing and thrilling darshan, we felt relaxed after coming out the temple. Right outside the temple, they have series of dhabas. It was a nice punjabi dinner and damn full tight sleep post dinner.

Day 5: 6th March 2014

Another good morning in Rajasthan! Thanks to Babuji of Mohata Dharamshala who gave us cozy bed which gave us warm sleep. After getting ready, we had Devi’s darshan from outside of the temple only..Appa wouldn’t go inside again 🙂 I think mother goddess gave us punishment for the same..but kind mother forgave us in few minutes. I lost the key of the bike!! I forgot the key inside the photocopy shop yesterday night. I called the number drawn on the shop..and..and the guy came in a hurry just to give my key from almost 7 kms on his bicycle! Wow… just unimaginable in today’s world.

After a fun journey, we reached crowded city of Bikaner, the Royal city of Bhujia!! We were exploring the great while searching for Royal Enfield service center. Iconic Junagarh fort..a true icon not only of Bikaner but also of Rajasthan. Pink colored fort was a perfect background for the perfect picture.

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Bike ride to Junagarh Bikaner

Bike ride to Junagarh Bikaner

Royal trip of the royal fort gave us Royal feeling but our Royal Enfield was hungry. Finally we found a RE service center where I poured a liter of golden oil in her stomach and moved forward. We were at Indo-Pak border town, Ganga Nagar. Being a last town, it isn’t much modernized or developed but is a good example of tiny town. While having a tea, we made few new friends, one of them of Sarpanch of nearby town. They gave us an idea of taking Fazilka route for Amritsar which is border route.

New Friends at Ganganagar

New Friends at Ganganagar

With a lovely evening tea at Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan chapter of our trip was over. We were about to enter into the green land of Punjab 🙂

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