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Queen’s Bath is located in Royal center on Kamalapura – Hampi road. The ruined structure is still standing with it’s glory.

The building may look dull and simple from outside but is beautiful inside. Many varandas with decorated corridors look amazing. Though the place name is Queen’s Bath, it was a place for men & women from Royal families. Water tank in the middle is surrounded with many balconies. The pool with many such decorated windows look attractive. Beautiful canopies adds a flavour of art.

The place is surrounded with water canal. It got lush green lawn in front of it. Like Lotus Mahal, the bath presents good example of Hindu-Islamic style architecture.

Tour Information

Queen’s Bath is part of tour of Royal Enclosure in Hampi. Couple of hours are more than enough to enjoy the place. Hampi is town for food & stay.

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