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Lord Shiva of Aundha Nagnath

One of the Jyotirlinga, Aundha Nagnath temple represents an incredible monument of archaeology. Lord Shiva, the main deity, fills the temple with his presence not only in garbha gruha but also on the walls of the temple.

Matrikas at Aundha Nagnath

Matrikas are eight Mother Goddesses of War, Children and Emancipation. Carved on the temple walls at Aundha Nagnath, they are protectors of the temple.

Mahayogi of Aundha Nagnath

Lord Vishnu in the form of Mahayogi is sitting in padmasana with both hands closed in prayer mode. The idols act as a gems in the ornament of the temple.

sculptures of Aundha Nagnath_punetopune

Sculptures of Aundha Nagnath is a feast for mythology, archeology lovers. Hemadpanti style temple of Aundha Nagnath is great example of Chalukyan art.

Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi

Lord Ganesha at Aundha Nagnath Jyotirlinga temple are diversified versions. From Warrior Ganesha to Family Guy Ganesha!!