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Shamlaji temple is one the best three Vishnu temples of Gujarat along with Dwaraka and of choice for archaeologist and art lovers for its artistic beauty in architecture and sculptures.

Krishna Leelas at Shamlaji remind me all those stories which I heard from childhood, stories of Bal Krishna. Various sculpture panels on the wall of the Shamlaji temple depict various stories of Krishna and his Leelas.

Ramayana at Shamlaji depicts the stories from the great saga. There are various carved panels talking about the scenes from Ramayana. I will present couple of examples here

Lord Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi

Lord Ganesha of Shamlaji temple meets you in various forms. The most popular deity of Hindus looks beautiful with his huge stomach, his long trunk, his big ears and his kind eyes.

Lord Shiva of Shamlaji

Deities of Shamlaji temples represents a dummy heaven on the walls and pillars. Elegantly ornamented temple walls depicts stories from great epics and puranas of Hinduism.