Shree Geeta Bhawan at Vaishno Devi


” चलो बुलावा आया है..माता ने बुलाया है..!” Very true! Unless you get a call from the mother goddess you can’t see her. This is not just a belief. You feel the fact when you reach Katra and see the holy hill.

Shree Geeta Bhawan at Vaishno Devi

Shree Geeta Bhawan at Vaishno Devi

Shree Geeta Bhawan is a small but beautiful temple on the way to the Vaishno Devi trek. Placed at the start of the trek route and near Ban Ganga, the temple attracts your eyes with amazing and big statues outside the same. White colored Gayatri, Lord Shiva with his consort Parvati and Bajarangbali are special attraction.

You can halt for a moment at the temple while going to Vaishno Devi or on your way back to Katra town. Nice and clean temple will add pleasure to your divine yatra for sure.


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