Talarigatta Gate – Hampi – Karnataka

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Talarigatta means toll.  Thus depicts the intent of ‘Talarigatta Gate’ on the gate road to the town. Remains of the fortification can be viewed from the top of the date.

The gate presents the royal era. Though the arch designed gate is damaged over the time, Talarigatta Gate still stands in a glory. It was one of the important entrance of Vijayanagar Empire.

The gate is located on a road near coracle ferry passes. There is a small Hanuman temple just near the gate.

Talarigatta Gate Tour Information

The gate is placed on the internal road of Hampi. Thus can be covered on the way while exploring Hampi. Hampi town or Hospet city can be options to stay. They are well equipped for tourist needs.

Talarigatta Gate on the Map

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