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Tungabhadra Dam

Tungabhadra Dam

Located almost 20 kilometers south-west of Hampi town, a mighty modern Tungabhadra Dam attracts tourists on the way. Hydroelectric project of the dam is famous and become new life line of State of Karnataka!

Tungabhadra river is an union of two different rivers in fact, Tunga and Bhadra! The river get dissolved in Krishna river.

History & Myth

An ancient name of Tungabhadra river is ‘Pampa’. The river is worshipped in the form of Goddess Pampa who is daughter of Lord Brahma as per mythology. ‘Virupaksha’ of Hampi is consort of Pampa Devi. Virupaksha is incarnation of Lord Shiva and also known as ‘Pampapathi’ (Pampa’s husband). The entire surrounding of Pampa, now Tungabhadra, river was popularly known as ‘Pampa Kshetram’ in ancient days.

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Vijayanagara’s  marvel, Hampi, is situated around the banks of the river.


Hampi is the best option to stay. Rather Hampi can be your main destination in the trip. The bear sanctuary nearby can be added feast in the tour.

Tungabhadra Dam Reservoir is well connect with the road and Hampi can be main point in the connection.

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