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‘Yeduru Basavanna’ is a local name of the mighty monolithic bull placed at east of ‘Virupaksha Bazaar’. Nandi is a mount of Lord Shiva, thus Yeduru Basavanna is placed in front of the main gopuram of ‘Virupaksha Temple‘. Virupaksha is a form of Lord Shiva!

Once you come out of Virupaksha Temple from main entrance, amazing view of ruins of Virupaksha Bazaar welcomes you. From the distance also a mighty Nandi looks impressive.

Virupaksha Bazaar with Monolithic Nandi

Virupaksha Bazaar with Monolithic Nandi

Mighty Yeduru Basavanna is housed in a pavilion which is a two storey. Entire view of the Pavilions, Lamp Post and remains of the market place attracts tourists, devotees. The place is used for Virupaksha’s festival programmes. This can be an ideal place to spend couple of hours of an evening.

Stairs at nearby the Nandi pavilion lead up to Achyuta Raya temple which located across the hills. Giant rocks adds a perfect background to the black Nandi and the entire scene.


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