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Pushkar Lake is a sacred lake of Tirtha Raj (King of all sacred hindu places) Pushkar in Rajasthan. Also known as Pushkar Sarovar is accompanied by almost 500 temples and 52 bathing ghats.

During the battle with demon Vajra Nasha / Vajra Nabha, petals from Lord Brahma’s lotus fallen on three places. Those places are the main Pushkar Lake i.e. Jyeshtha Pushkar, Madhya Pushkar and Kanishtha Pushkar. Surrounded by Ratnagiri, Nilgiri, Sachoora and Suryagiri hills of Aravali mountain range, the lake is amazingly beautiful.

Pushkar town has grown around the lake. 52 sacred bathing ghats of the lake adds ornamented beauty and convenience for the pilgrims.

Ghats of Pushkar Lake

Ghats of Pushkar Lake

Pushkar lake carries amazing history apart from the mythology around it. Be it Greek or Kushana dynasty coins, be it inscriptions on Sanchi stoopa and be it the story by chinese traveller Fa Xian.. the grand lake got mentioned in almost each century known to mankind worldwide. Some evidences dates back to 2nd century as well.

Nahar Rao Parihar of Mandor, the Rajput king is said to bring the first construction to the lake. It is also believed that 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Govind Singh had recited the sacred Sikh text Guru Granth Sahib on the bank of Pushkar Sarovar only. Destructed by Mughal Emperor Jahangir and his grandson Aurangzeb many times, the area was restored by Akbar during his rule.

Pushkar Sarovar

Pushkar Sarovar

Way between the lake and the great Brahma temple is an amazing Pushkar market. Decorated shops of art and crafts, weaponries, eateries and cloths are amazing shopping spots.

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