Vishnu Temple at Siddheshwara – Newasa – Maharashtra


Siddheshwar temple is one of the significant temple at Toka, Newasa in Maharashtra. This Hemadpanti temple complex belongs to the period of the Peshwas as per the Devanagari inscriptions which are placed on the south-gate of the temple. It seems that Vishnu Mahadev Gadre had built the temple in the year 1767 for the cost of Rs. 93,000. Nana Phadnis contributed further in repairing of the temple and also built six flights of steps from the temple to the Godavari River(called as Ghat).

The beautifully carved temple portrays various mythological themes like Ramayana & Mahabharata and elegantly carvings of God & Goddesses.

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Vishnu temple is placed on the left side of the main abode of Shiva within the compound of the temple complex. This temple is equally ornamented with various sculptures & carvings just like the main one.

Vishnu’s mount (Vahana) is Garuda, the eagle. Vishnu is commonly depicted as riding on his shoulders. Garuda sitting in front of the temple on his knees.

Main attraction of this temple is ‘Dikpalas‘ (guardians of the directions) which placed on all the outer walls. Those include Yama, Kubera, Indra, Varuna, Isana, Agni, Vayu & Nirrti. The shikara (top) of the temple poses amazing sculptures of Gaja-Markatas (Elephant & Monkies) and Lions facing 4 directions. Radha-Krishna are showcased in various poses on the sabha mandapa (dome of the entrance).

Lord vishnu’s black stone idol with Shankha, Gada, Chakra looks very attractive!

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Dikpalas (Guardians of the directions)

Dikpalas : Names & Attributions

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Name Direction Mantra Weapon Consort Graha (Planet) Guardian Mātṛkā
Kubera North Oṃ Śaṃ Kuberāya Namaḥ Gadā (mace) Kuberajāyā Budha (Mercury) Kumārī
Yama South Oṃ Maṃ Yamāya Namaḥ Daṇḍa (staff) Yami Maṅgala (Mars) Varahi
Indra East Oṃ Laṃ Indrāya Namaḥ Vajra (thunderbolt) Śacī Sūrya (Sun) Aindri
Varuṇa West Oṃ Vaṃ Varuṇāya Namaḥ Pāśa (noose) Nalani Śani (Saturn) Varuṇī
Īśāna Northeast Oṃ Haṃ Īśānāya Namaḥ Triśūla (trident) Pārvatī Bṛhaspati (Jupiter) Māheśvarī
Agni Southeast Oṃ Raṃ Agnaye Namaḥ Śakti (Spear) Svāhā Śukra (Venus) Meṣavāhinī
Vāyu Northwest Oṃ Yaṃ Vāyuve Namaḥ Aṅkuśa (goad) Bhāratī Candra (Moon) Mṛgavāhinī
Nirṛti (sometimes Rakṣasa) Southwest Oṃ Kṣaṃ Rakṣasāya Namaḥ Khaḍga (sword) Khaḍgī Rāhu (North Lunar Node) Khaḍgadhāriṇī
Brahmā Zenith Oṃ Hriṃ Brahmaṇe Namaḥ Padma (lotus) Sarasvatī Ketu (South Lunar Node) Brahmāni
Viṣṇu Nadir Oṃ Kliṃ Viṣṇave Namaḥ Cakra (discus) Lakṣmī Lagna Vaiṣṇavī

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