War Memorials of Pathankot


War memorials of Pathankot reminds us about the saga of bravery and love for the nations. Pathankot is an ancient and brave army town of India.

Roads of Pathankot camp area are full of war memorials on both the side. Shahids, the martyrs of the mother country who gave their lives to protect her from evils. Statues of Shahids, various army chiefs and other brave heroes attract your attention.

Pakistan Tank captured in Indo-Pak War 1971

Pakistan Tank captured in Indo-Pak War 1971

Best among all is the Pakistani tank captured by Indian army during Indo-Pak war in 1971. 1 CORPS of the Indian Army had accomplished the mission. The tank was brought here and gifted to the city of Pathankot on 28th May 1972 by LT General K. K. Singh MVC GOC 1 CORPS.

One must visit the war memorials of Pathankot and salute the heroes of our country while crossing the path.

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