Lord Shiva of Aundha Nagnath

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Lord Shiva of Aundha Nagnath..One of the Jyotirlinga! Aundha Nagnath temple represents an incredible monument of archaeology.  Lord Shiva, the main deity, fills the temple with his presence not only in garbha gruha but also on the walls of the temple.

Shiva at Aundha Nagnath

Shiva trying to convince pouted and sulked Parvati

Lord Shiva is well depicted through amazing sculptures. Dancing Shiva (Nataraja), Warlord Shiva, Family Man Shiva.. Shiva is represented in many forms here. “Shiva trying to convince pouted and sulked  devi Parvati” can be mentioned as the best art piece of the temple. Emotions carved by the craftsman is outstanding and can not be captured in the words. Shiva, a poor husband, doing his best to convince his loving wife which is looking upset. Everyday situation in a married life 🙂

In one other sculpture image, Ravana is lifting entire Kailasa mountain along with Lord Shiva and his family. One of the interesting mythological story from Puranas.

Lord Shiva can be identified with the icons aligned to him like Trishula as his weapon, Nandi – the great bull as his Vahana, Vasuki – the great snake around his neck or in hand.

One of the best artifact here is Lord Shiva as “Ardhanarishwar”. Ardha Nari means half woman. Half Shiva and Half Parvati.. Ardhanarishwar provides an order and example of gender equality and respect. It’s when Shiva Parvati become one.. the great ONE!






Lord Shiva of Aundha Nagnath:

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