Shri Datta Dham – Parbhani – Maharashtra


Shri Datta Dham temple..a classic black temple in this modern era. While coming back from Aundha Nagnath temple via Zero phata, we observed this amazing place on the left hand side of the road and stopped by.

Temple of Hingulambika Mata is recently built in the back side of the main Datta temple. This is an important addition to the place making it truly a Dham. Goddess temple is constructed by Bhavsar community of the town. Original temple of Hingulambika mata is situated in Balochistan of Pakistan. The goddess is popularly known as Nani Mata.

The Datta temple is built in a south indian style with various deities idols places in all the directions on the temple wall. One can see niche temples of Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga and Murugan in the temple campus. Beautiful idol of Shri Datta brings your hands together in the prayer mode automatically. Silent, small but divine temple. The temple is on the list of attractions in and around Parbhani.

I would recommend the readers to visit the Datta Dham if around Parbhani city. A nice place to spend couple of hours with good connection to the main town.

Find Sri Datta Dham on the map:


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