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Krishna Leelas at Shamlaji remind me all those stories which I heard from childhood, stories of Bal Krishna. Various sculpture panels on the wall of the Shamlaji temple depict various stories of Krishna and his Leelas. Lets see some of them:

Kaliya Mardan:

krishna leela at shamlaji

Kaliya Mardan

Dance over Kaliya

Dance over Kaliya

Kaliya, the great serpent, poisoned the Yamuna river which was lifeline of Vrindavan. Once Krishna was playing on the bank of the river. His thirsty friends drank water of the river and felt die sick. Angry Krishna jumped into the river to find out the reason and he found Kaliya.

It was a great battle between the serpent and the divine kid, Krishna. At the end, serpent was a loser. Krishna brought Kaliya out of the river while dancing on his hood. This amazing story is famous as Kaliya Mardan.

Kaliya Mardan episode is well carved on the wall of the Shamlaji Temple.

Krishna breaking Twin Trees:

Krishna Breaking of Twin Trees

Krishna Breaking of Twin Trees

Mother Yashoda troubled by naughty Krishna, fed up, she tied this amazing kid to a big mortar and went out for some work. Well..will that stop the naughtiest kid in the universe?

Krishna Breaking twin trees

Krishna Breaking twin trees

The boy dragged himself along with the mortar outside the home. There were 2 divine trees in the courtyard of the house, Arjuna and Yamal. To free himself from the mortar, Krishna went through the gap between the trees. When he did the same, the twin trees collapsed with the force of the little Krishna. Miracle happened! Two celestial beings came out of those twin trees. They were sons of Kubera, the lord of the wealth. For their misdeeds, Narada Muni had cursed them to the tree form.

One can see the sculpture at Shamlaji temple depicting this story with Krishna tied to a mortar.


Divine Lake of Vrindavan

Krishna Leelas at Shamlaji

Krishna Leela at the Lake

The sculpture depicts Krishna playing on the tree with his flute in the hand. Below the tree, there is a divine lake with fish, tortoise and a bird hunting fish. I really do not understood the real meaning of the art but it is beautiful for sure.

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