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To protect Purandar fort, there are two watch-forts at South and East. Daulat Mangal from Malshiras regions is east side fort and Subhan Mangal from Shirwal region is southside fort.

Ruins of the fortifications

Ruins of the fortifications

Daulat Mangal fort was built by Murar Jagdev in 1629 around the 8th century Bhuleshwar Temple. The fort was used to keep eye on Pune which was looted by Murar in 1630. The walls of the fort & the temple are made with different types of basalt rocks. Temple is built in black basalt whereas fort is built in brownish basalt which is available in the area.

Damaged Burujas (watch-towers) and destroyed Tatbandis (fortifications).. thats all you can see around the temple now. Ruins of the forts can be observed from the temple which is in better situation. Forest around the fort still carries many signs of destroyed houses showing the proofs of the cruelty of the invaders like Aurangzeb.

History with modern facilities

History with modern facilities

Recently, an area is preserved as a forest with well connected with road to attract tourists. The fort is still isolated and untouched with modern traffic and pollution with an exception of a T.V. tower which spoils the atmosphere here, they could have found a better place.

Daulat Mangal Fort is place not only for devotees of Bhuleshwar but also historians and casual tourists.

One must carry enough food, water while visiting the place and should plan to leave from before the night.

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