Mamadev Temple of Kumbhalgarh – Rajasthan

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Mamadev Temple, also known as Kumbha Shyam, is an amazing three shrine temple of Kumbhalgarh. Situated on the east of of famous Vedi temple.

The temple has flat roofed sanctum and mandap with pillars. One can see the the pillar with an inscription which give further details about the history of the great fort Kumbhalgarh. The inscription is said to be of Rana Kumbha. Archaeology department had recovered numerous carved idols of gods and goddesses from the temple premises.

There two chariots which are placed in the memory of Maharana Pratap and Prithiviraj Chouhan. The temple is accompanied by holy water kunda. The kunda also plays role of water reservoir for the fort.

Mamadev Temple Kumbhalgarh

Mamadev Temple Kumbhalgarh


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