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Pravara Godavari sangam ( the confluence of the rivers) is an example of the spiritual merge apart from it’s scientific meanings.

Toka or Kaigaon-Toka–is situated near Newasa town on Ahmednagar – Aurangabad Highway. This village has many known temples and recognized as a holy place. Famous group of temples of God Shiva is placed around the confluence (Sangam) of Pravara and Godavari rivers including Siddheshwar, Rameshwar, Ghoteshwar, Mukteshwar and Sangameshwar. Ban-Ganga temple is near the confluence which is well known as ‘Pravara Sangam’. All these ancient temples are built with black stone and lime in Hemadpanti style.

Siddheshwara temple, among all, is of significant temple. The temple of Siddheshwar belongs to the period of the Peshwas as per the Devanagari inscriptions which are placed on the south-gate of the temple. The beautifully carved temple portrays various mythological themes like Ramayana & Mahabharata and elegantly carvings of God & Goddesses. We must say that this entire temple campus represent one the best example of Vaishnava (who follows Lord Vishnu) & Shaisava (who follows Lord Shiva) unity.

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From the newly constructed bridge on Pravara river which goes towards Toka village, one can enjoy the mighty confluence with Siddheshwara temple on one side and various ruins of temples on other. River fishing provides bread & butter (& fish) for many villagers around.

Ghoteshwar Temple at Pravara Sangama

Ghoteshwar Temple at Pravara Sangama

This holy area is also called as ‘Dandakarayna‘ from Ramayana and poses mythological story of its own. Per believes:

Ramayana StoryThe place where Lord Ram killed Marich near Newasa Village is called Toka; because arrow head (‘Tok’ in Devnagari) get inside the ground.

The place where Lord Rama had thrown knife (‘Sura’ in Devnagari), before killing Marich, is called as Suregaon.

The place where Lord Rama had thrown the spear (‘Bhala’ in Devnagari) is called as Bhalgaon.

The place where Lord had thrown the arrow (‘Ban’ in Devnagari) is called as Banganga. Also, Godavari River turns their like Bow (‘Dhanushaban’),so this place is called as BANGANGA.


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