Siddheshwara Temple – Newasa – Maharashtra


Siddheshwara temple is part of the famous group of temples of God Shiva which are placed around the confluence (Sangam) of Pravara and Godavari rivers at Toka near Newasa (Pravara Sangam). The group includes Siddheshwar, Rameshwar, Mukteshwar, Ghoteshwar and Sangameshwar. All these ancient temples are built with black stone and lime in Hemadpanti style.

Siddheshwara temple, among all, is of significant temple. The temple belongs to the period of the Peshwas as per the Devanagari inscriptions which are placed on the south-gate of the temple. It seems that Vishnu Mahadev Gadre had built the temple in the year 1767 for the cost of Rs. 93,000. Nana Phadnis contributed further in repairing of the temple and also built six flights of steps from the temple to the Godavari River (called as Ghat).

The beautifully carved temple portrays various mythological themes like Ramayana & Mahabharata and elegantly carvings of God & Goddesses.

In the temple compound, temples of Vishnu & Maa Durga are present on the both sides of the main temple dedicated to Lord Shiva i.e. Vishnu on left & Durga on right. As per local villagers these three temples represent the name of their constructor – Vishnu (Vishnu Temple) Mahadev (Shiva Temple) Gadre (Maa Durga Temple – which is also called as ‘Gajara Mata’ by locals). Lord Ganesha & Dattatreya’s mini temples are also part of the campus.

Main temple is abode of Lord Shiva with Shiva linga. Surprisingly, the roof-top of the sabha-mandapa (hall at the entrance) is ornamented with Lord Krishna & Radha’s idols. Even the outer walls of the Shiva temple bear many scenes about Krishna leelas, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Notable carvings of Vishnu-Avatars (incarnations of Lord Vishnu) include:

  • Narasimha – the half man / half lion,
  • Varaha – the boar,
  • Matsya – the fish,
  • Kurma – the tortoise,
  • Vamana – the dwarf,
  • Rama – the prince & king of Ayodhya &
  • Krishna – the eighth son of Devaki & Vasudeva

We must say that this entire temple campus represent one the best example of Vaishnava (who follows Lord Vishnu) & Shaishav (who follows Lord Shiva) unity.

On the entrance of the Shiva temple very attractive and mighty idol of Nandi grabs attention. Made of black stone and well ornamented.

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