Golerao group of Temples – Kumbhalgarh

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Golerao group of temples is a group of nine niche temples placed among the inner circular walls within the great wall of Kumbhalgarh.

This magnificent group of temples is situated near Bhawan Devi temple and is an important part of Kumbhalgarh monuments. The nine abodes are decorated with beautifully carved gods and goddesses sculptures on their walls and pillars.

One of the sculpture is bearing an inscription which talks about one Govinda and belongs to AD 1459. But based upon the structure style of Golerao group temples, it seems like the group belongs Rana Kumbha’s period. The group is one of the many important attractions of Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Kumbhalgarh fort has the world’s second longest and largest wall of the world, making is notable on international records.

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References: Information – Archeological Survey of India

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