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Badal Mahal means the palace of clouds. the royal palace of Kumbhalgarh. Placed on the highest peak of the fort, the palace plays role of Crown of the fort.

Rana Fateh singh built Badal Mahal during AD 18885 – 1930. This two storey palace is divided into two interconnected distinct parts. One is Zanana Mahal and other is Mardana Mahal. As the names suggest, Zanana mahal was for royal ladies and Mardana mahal was for gentlemen. The windows made like jalis in Zanana mahal used by royal ladies to witness royal proceedings and other events of the court.

Badal Mahal Kumbhalgarh

Badal Mahal Kumbhalgarh

Yellowish colored palace is perfect contrast to the earthly Kumbhalgarh fort. View of Aravali mountain range and Mewar region is magnificent from the palace galleries. One feels like wandering into the clouds being on the highest peak of the fort.

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