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Siddheshwar Temple of Solapur is abode of Lord Siddheshwar who represents both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Number one attraction of Solapur town, the temple is placed in the middle of Siddheshwar lake.

Beautiful idol of the lord is a place of thousands of devotees belief. It looks amazing in silver plated shrine. A silver coated Nandi in front of the lord is standing in proud. Having darshan of the lord through the horns of holy bull is an achievement of lifetime. Sheshnag is putting shelter o the lord even in cozy shrine.

Siddheshwar Temple Solapur

Lord Siddheshwar

The great wall of temple adds a feature of fort to the temple campus. There are various lingas and various niche temples in and around the main temple. Amrit Linga and Lord Ganesha temples are special mention. Temple campus is clean and neat. All the devotees are offered a maha prasad. Shiv Yog Samadhi of Shri Siddharameshwar feels the middle part of the campus with a marble tomb in square shape.

History of the temple:

It is said that Shri Siddharameshwar, who was a yogi and devotee of Shri Mallikarjuna of Srisailam, had built this amazing temple. Shri Siddharameshwar took alive samadhi which is situated in the temple campus here. Constructed in the middle of the Siddheshwar lake and accompanied by Bhuikot Fort of Solapur, the white colored temple darshan is truly an unforgettable moment of life.

Saint Nalavatvad, Shri Vithoba and Rukmini.. many gods are staying in the temple courtyard. Lush green garden, trees adds a touch of beauty to the temple.

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