Bhuikot Fort of Solapur


Bhuikot Fort aka Solapur Fort is a landmark of Solapur town and footmark of Bahamani dynasty. The fort is placed right near the famous Siddheshwar Temple of Lingayats.

One of the fort built by Muslim sultans, the great fort is still standing in royal posture. Accompanied by the lake and the temple, the fort is an amazing place of tourist attraction. They got a small animal zoo and an amusement park inside the fort making it a great place to visit.

Bhuikot Fort Solapur

Bhuikot Fort Solapur

History of Bhuikot Fort:

The fort was built during 14th century by Bahamani Sultan. It is said to be built in the memory of Hutatma Bagh. Aurangzeb spent good amount of time span in this fort. The great peshwa Bajirao II lived here once the fort was handed over to Peshwas.

Bhuikot Fort & Siddheshwar Temple Solapur

The Fort & Siddheshwar Temple Solapur

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