Tulja Bhavani Devi of Tuljapur – Maharashtra

Tulja Bhavani Devi

Tulja Bhavani Devi

Tulja Bhavani Devi of Tuljapur.. the second in 51 Shakti Peethas.  Mentioned in Skanda Purana, the temple was built in 12 century CE in Hemadpanti style of construction.

The beautiful idol of devi carved of black stone looks amazing with the golden eyes fixed on her face. One can feel kind gesture of mother through these eyes. You can just face though this is eight handed idol as the entire idol is covered with saree and flowers. Swayambhu goddess is blessing her children.

‘Raje Shahaji Mahadwar’ – the great entrance of the temple brings you in a large open place called Prangana with two light towers (Deep stambha). Once passed a sabha mandapa, devotees enter into garbha gruha to see their mother goddess.

Tuljapur Temple

Tuljapur Temple

Legends and Mythology:

Per Skanda Purana, ‘Anubhuti’, the wife of the sage named ‘Kardam’, performed strong penance at the bank of the great river ‘Mandakini’. Demon Kukur started disturbing Anubhuti in her penance. Bhavani mata came to help of Anubhuti and killed the demon. From onward, devi got famous as Tulja Bhavani Devi.

Great Maratha King and warrior Shivaji Maharaj was extreme devotee of Bhavani mata. In fact, the goddess is Kul Devi / family deity of Bhosale Royal Family along with many others. It is said that Tulja Bhavani blessed Shivaji Maharaj with the sword famous as ‘Bhavani Talwar’. Maratha families granted many times to the temple. Even the temple priest are Maratha family.

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