Yogeshwari Devi of Ambajogai – Maharashtra

Yogeswari Devi Ambajogai

Yogeshwari Devi Ambajogai

Yogeshwari Devi of Ambajogai is Marathwada’s own theertha kshetra. Named after Goddess Amba which is form of Devi Parvati, Ambajogai town has many stories from hindu mythology. Placed on the banks of Jayawanti river, the town was also known as Jayawantinagar.

The Devi is considered as one of the shakti peethas in India and is counted in three and half shakti peethas of Maharashtra. Hemadpanti style temple of the devi is famous from ancient times and is placed in the heart of the town. Detailed carving on the temple pillars are attractive. The devi idol is presented in a rock cut model called Tandala (तांदळा). Devi looks beautiful and reminds me Saptashrungi of Vani.

Yogeshwari Devi is main deity ( कुळ दैवत) of Chitpavan Konkanastha Brahmins. Ambajogai is home town of some great poets and saints like Kavi Mukund Raj and Dasopant.

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