Siddheshwar Lake – Solapur – Maharashtra


Siddheshwar Lake – the best attraction of Solapur town. Accompanied by Bhuikot Fort on the left side and Shri Siddheshwar Temple in the middle of it, the lake presents blend of royal history and spirituality.

There are two theories about the origin of the lake. One says that muslim sultan of Bahamani built the lake to accompany his Bhuikot Fort and other says that it was built by the great Shiva devotee Shri Siddharameshwar. Per legend’s, all the holy rivers asked permission to reside inside the great lake, making important from religious point of view.

Siddheshwar Lake Solapur

Bhuikot Fort on the left and Siddheshwar Temple on the right

The lake looks amazing in the night when the reflections of the temple lighting fills the atmosphere. Clean water of the holy lake is full of various types of water creatures.

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