Why Nandi is not placed in front of the Aundha Nagnath temple?

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Nandi of Aundha Nagnath is not placed in front of the main Shiva temple. Unlike all other Shiva Temples, Nandi idol is not placed in  front of main temple of Lord Shiva. There is an interesting legend behind this.

Sant Namdev

Sant Namdev

As per the instructions from the great saint Dnyaneshwar, Saint Namdev (Namdeo) came to Aundha Nagnath in the search of his guru. Namdev’s search ended with Visoba Khechar as a guru. While having bhajan and kirtan in the courtyard of the temple, Pujaris of the temple asked them to move as it was disturbing their prayer and rituals. Namdev shifted his kirtana at the backside of the temple along with all other varkaris. And a miraculous event happened. Entire temple shifted to Namdev as if Lord Shiva himself wanted to enjoy the kirtana of this great saint.

From the day, the temple remained in the same and place but Nandi remained in the backside of the temple.

Belief… it’s all about that!

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