Pattabhirama Temple – Hampi

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Large like famous Vitthala Temple in size, Pattabhirama Temple is an attractive spot. It’s completeness and simplicity is notable. Though the temple is not much ornamented with sculptures and designs, it is a great example of Chola style construction. Whereas, the pillars of the hall in front of main sanctum are the great example of Vijayanagara style structure.

[adrotate banner=”7″]Pattabhirama Temple, as the name says, is Lord Rama’s temple. The temple complex also has mini temple of goddess within it’s compound.

Amazing divine marriage hall is situated at the southeast of the temple complex. Yali images carved on the pillars here are attractive. It seems that the entire temple complex was paved with granite slabs. A tall gopuram is at the east of the temple which opens on wide chariot street. Further one can see a holy tank. The tower is brick construction with some granite slabs. Ruined but still gives an imaginary of that golden era.

Pattabhirama Temple trip can be part of trip to ‘Archaeological Survey of India Museum’. The place do not have any options for food & water. Better to carry your own.

 Pattabhirama Temple on the Map

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